• Led by Martine Hébert, Ph.D., the laboratory’s research program focuses on child sexual abuse and adolescent dating violence. The aim of our studies is to identify protective factors on individual, familial, social and community levels that contribute in reducing the impacts of victimization. Our various projects also aim to promote the implementation of evidence-based interventions and prevention programs in order to support the optimal development of children and youth.

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    ÉVISSA Research Capsule (#40)

    A new ÉVISSA research capsule is available! The study aimed to document the characteristics of adults consulting in sexotherapy concerning their sexual satisfaction and to evaluate the evolution of this satisfaction. To learn more, click here. 

    Have you heard about Marie-Vincent Chair?

    The Marie-Vincent Interuniversity Chair, for which Martine is a co-holder, is a research chair aimed at developing and improving the treatment offered to children (0-18 years) who are victims of sexual abuse and those with problematic sexual behaviours (0-12 years). This includes identifying their developmental trajectories, evaluating services offered and prevention initiatives. To learn more […]

    Student Presentation – IPSCAN Summit Milan 2021

    During the IPSCAN 2021 International Congress in Milan, Arianne Jean-Thorn, a doctoral student in psychology, had the opportunity to present an oral communication on her research project, intitled “Community relationships of families of child victims of sexual abuse”. The objective of the study was to document the relationships maintained by families of sexually abused children […]

    Postcard (#20)

    It is important to normalize the use of counseling resources among adolescents to facilitate their access and offer them optimal support. For more information, click here.

    Have you heard about ÉVISSA?

    The Équipe Violence Sexuelle et Santé (ÉVISSA) is an inter-university grouping of researchers from different fields, including Martine Hébert, director of the laboratory, working on sexual violence. To learn more about the team’s work, visit the web page.

    Research Professional Portrait – Marily

    Marily Julien holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a bachelor’s degree in sexology and a master’s degree in sexology, research and clinic. She has worked in several community organizations as a practitioner and coordinator. During her graduate studies, she was involved in research projects associated with the Canada Research Chair in Interpersonal Traumas and Resilience, […]

    Postal Card (#19)

    It is important to consider the adolescents victimization profile to offer services adapted to their needs. For more information, click here.

    ÉVISSA Research Capsule (#39)

    A new ÉVISSA research capsule is available! The objectives of the study were to investigate the presence of alexithymia in school-aged children who had been sexually abused and to explore the mediating role of alexithymia in the relationship between sexual abuse and behaviour problems in these children. Results of the study indicate that child victims […]

    Postal Card (#18)

    Preventive programs based on the three profiles of dating violence, addressing healthy communication as well as constructive conflict management strategies, would reduce the rate of violence in adolescent romantic relationships. For more information, click here.

    Research Paper – Developmental Child Welfare

    A new research paper written by Justine Caouette, Martine Hébert, Director of the laboratory, Chantal Cyr and Laetitia Mélissande Amédée was recently published in the journal Developmental Child Welfare. The objective of this article was to investigate the effect of the Attachment video-feedback intervention combined with Trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy in symptoms of child victims of […]