Meet our 2021 research interns

Camille, Marie, Pénélope, and Lauren completed a research internship this summer. During the last months, they all have contributed to the promotion of the laboratory’s projects.

CAMILLE collaborated in the updating of Martine Hébert’s curriculum vitae. In addition, she took part in the data collection from child victims of sexual abuse. Finally, Camille participated in the creation of scientific capsules in collaboration with the ÉVISSA team.

MARIE produced an infographic for the Sparks program presenting the pilot evaluation results with parents/significant adults. She also worked on the informatization of the consent forms on the Qualtrics software to facilitate the data collection.

PÉNÉLOPE translated the training capsules for school personnel for the Sparks program. She also conducted a review of the literature on the relational factors of resilience in child victims of abuse.

LAUREN has produced video capsules to share the research results of the Sexual Violence and Health Team (ÉVISSA) with the public.

Congratulations on your excellent work!