Student Portrait – Laurie

Laurie completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the Université du Québec à Montréal, during which she conducted an honours thesis focusing on the self-esteem of adolescent victims of violence in their romantic relationships.

She is now undertaking a Ph.D in psychology under the direction of Martine Hébert, Ph.D. As part of her doctoral thesis, her work focuses on the relationship skills and relationship quality of adolescent perpetrators of dating violence and victims of childhood trauma. When asked why she chose to work under Dr. Hébert’s direction, Laurie says she particularly appreciates the team spirit in the lab as well as Dr. Hébert’s passion and the availability she offers to her students.

Laurie first joined the research laboratory during her second year as an undergraduate student in psychology while completing a research internship. She has continued her involvement as a research assistant and is now coordinator of the CIHR III – teacher component project. Laurie also contributes to other ongoing projects at the lab, including developing the Sparks program, a new program to prevent violence and promote healthy relationships in adolescence.

Welcome to the team Laurie!