Équipe Violence Sexuelle et Santé (ÉVISSA)

Created in 2007, the ÉVISSA team is an interdisciplinary group of researchers with specific and complementary expertise (psychology, sexology, education, psychoeducation, public health). They share common goals, such as achieving a comprehensive understanding of sexual violence and its consequences, more specifically by exploring the influence of individual, family and social factor in different life contexts (family, childhood, first relationships and adult couple) in addition to identify cutting-edge intervention and prevention target.

The ÉVISSA team’s research program revolves around three axes:

  • Axis 1 – Disclosure pathways and diversity of medical, social and legal trajectories
  • Axis 2 – Analysis of determinants, mechanisms and profiles
  • Axis 3 – Intervention and prevention practices

Dissemination tools

Program descriptions

Program fact-sheets

These fact-sheets present the prevention and intervention programs to which researchers from the ÉVISSA team have contributed. They briefly describe the program, the benefits of its implementation, facilitation recommendations and evaluation results, if carried out. Available in French only.

Assessment tools

Measure fact-sheets

The fact-sheets present the French translation and validation of numerous assessment tools by researchers from the ÉVISSA team. The dimensions of the concept measured by the instrument, the various contexts of use, the administration method, the existing standards, the interpretation of results as well as the psychometric properties of the French version are detailed. Available in French only.

Science outreach

Research fact-sheets

These fact-sheets are designed to effectively disseminate results of the research projects of the ÉVISSA team. They present a summarized description of the participants in the study, the measures used to collect the data, and outline the practical implications. Available in French only.


For information

Renée Séguin, B.Sc.
ÉVISSA coordinator, UQAM
514 987-3000, ext. 8287

Team Members

Principal Investigator

Martine Hébert, Ph.D.
Full Professor, UQAM


Karine Baril, Ph.D.
Professor, UQO

Manon Bergeron, Ph.D.
Full Professor, UQAM

Mireille Cyr, Ph.D.
Full Professor, UdeM

Isabelle V. Daignault, Ph.D.
Professor, UdeM

Isabelle Daigneault, Ph.D.
Full Professor, UdeM

Jacinthe Dion, Ph.D.
Full Professor, UQAC

Mylène Fernet, Ph.D.
Full Professor, UQAM

Jean-Yves Frappier, M.D., FRCP
Full Professor, UdeM
Pediatrician, CHU Sainte-Justine

Natacha Godbout, Ph.D.
Professor, UQAM

Rachel Langevin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, McGill

Alison Paradis, Ph.D.
Professor, UQAM

Sylvie Parent, Ph.D.
Full Professor, ULaval

Research collaborators

Martin Blais, Ph.D.
Full Professor, UQAM

Jude Mary Cénat, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, uOttawa

Maria Oliveira Costa, Ph.D.
Full Professor, Université de l’État de Feira de Santana

Elisa Guidi, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral trainee and Lecturer, Università Degli Studi Firenze

Monique Tardif, Ph.D.
Full Professor, UQAM